lam extension table

The combination of metal and wood are nothing new, but it is the placement and execution on the LAM table that sets it apart from the rest. The laminated, hence the tables name, metal fa├žade on the legs profile edge provide just the right amount of interest, taking the table from plain to unique. The Lam tables extension mechanism is perfectly integrated, concealed in the frame: the legs slide to one side allowing the extension leaf, in the same color as the top, to be positioned into place. In this way the legs always remain at the corners and their aesthetic value, given by their diagonal position and the coated metal profile, is highlighted.


Small: 63" - 86.5" W x 35.5" D x 29.5" H
Large: 78.75" - 102.5" W x 39.5" D x 29.5" H


Wood Veneered Top.
Lacquered Metal and Wood Veneered Legs


Custom Order (3-4 months)

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