savanna sectional

A lounging sofa from Eilersen promises comfort.  Comfort with no compromises.  In strong, well-conceived lines and with soft upholstery that hugs the body. Versatility is absolutely one of the strengths of Savanna. All seating elements are 100 cm deep and the chaise-longue goes right up to 170 cm. In width Savanna varies flexibly in small steps of 10 cm from 100 to 220 cm. Together with corner elements this allows you to build your sofa or sofa group within very precise dimensions so that it matches exactly the room and the furniture it is to interact with. The elements come with and without armrests. This means that you can utilise the strong lines and self-esteem of Savanna to achieve the freedom that free-standing sofa elements can provide.


Many sectional models available. The dimensions vary based on combined components.


Fabric or Leather Upholstery.
Precision machined solid wood frame.
Feather and Down.
Steel legs.


Custom (14-16 weeks)

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