soft ice sectional

Soft Ice is balance between a durable design and softness. When you sink down into Soft Ice it takes the form of your body and therefore has a constantly new and individual expression, which is a mirror of your way of using the sofa. But it returns to shape quickly. It's just like a soft down pillow that takes the impression of your head, arms and hands when you hug it, and as soon as you let go and slap it a couple of times it returns to its original shape. That's exactly how Soft Ice works, and that's why you can never flatten it when you sit down.


Many sectional models available. The dimensions vary based on combined components.


Fabric or Leather Upholstery.
Precision machined solid Wood Frame.
Feather and Down encased high resilient foam back and seat.
Hidden black lacquered wood legs.


Custom Order (14-16 weeks)

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