Caruso Cabinet

Caruso Cabinet by Miniforms almost feels like a ritual. Sitting down with soft light, and pressing play on your smartphone; then letting vibrations do their thing. Caruso invites you to take a break, and find again the magic to hear and see an object that plays good music. This award-winning design stands on the edge of irony – a little futuristic and a little nostalgic, combining new technology with multi-sensory décor. Caruso is equipped with a single speaker and 50 Watt Hi-Fi amplification system. You can connect any device with built-in Bluetooth to Caruso.


41.7"W x 21.7"D x 35"H


Cabinet with integrated audio system
Structure in lacquered or natural wood
Trumpet in gold, copper, or ceramic colored options
Optional LED lights and motion sensor available


Custom (6 months)

Starting At