Gava Rug

The Gava by Calligaris draws inspiration from 19th century Gabbeh rugs. Gabbeh rugs were Persian designs epitomized by an ‘unfinished’ feel, often bearing whimsical depictions of humans and animals. These evocative icons are now set forth to modern imaginations with the Gava rug. Contouring impressions of misty mountains, snowy marshes and winding river courses are arranged in a pleasant geometric diamond pattern on the plushy Gava rug.


Small: 67"W x 94.5"D (.5"H)
Large: 79"W x 118.1"D (.5"H)


Carved jacquard rug in fire retardant yarns
21% polyester, 48% soft acrylic chenille, 31% cotton


Custom (3-4 months) *Limited Availability

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