Belmont Pendant

The Belmont Collection was a collaborative creation with designer Brad Ascalon re-envisioning the traditional fabric shade lamp but with the warmth and preciousness of hand crafted furniture. Belmont’s iconic, yet reductive form creates a natural canvas for displaying an exquisite array of textiles from premium wool to colorful woven fabrics that can be paired with a solid crafted wood armature in oak, walnut or ebony ash. Belmont can be hung individually or in stunning groupings to provide warm and comfortable illumination to complement any residential, contract, or hospitality setting.


Small: 22"W x 6.65"D x 12"H; 120" Max Hang
Large: 26" W x 6.65"D x 14" H; 120" Max Hang


Oak Canopy
Felted Wool Shade
Charcoal, Silverdale, Dijon, Celeste


1-2 Weeks
Large 26" Limited Availability
Dijon & Celeste Limited Availability

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