Bola Halo Chandelier

Bola Halo is an expressive pendant light exclusively by Pablo. Featuring a metal ring balanced delicately over an elegant opal glass shade, the Bola Halo Multi-Light Canopy allows your surroundings to shine through. Choose from two sizes of canopies to display anywhere from 2-11 lights in various heights and finishes. Both size and shape of the grouping is controlled by lamp quantity and positioning relative to the Multi-Light canopy. Swag mounts are provided to extend the lights out into space, along with an ample (field cuttable) cord length of 8.9’.


9" canopy: up to 5 Pendant Lamps
12" canopy: 7-11 Pendant Lamps
Pendant in 12"Ø, 18"Ø, 22"Ø


Metal canopy in black or white finishes
Opaline glass globe diffusor
Metal ring in various co
LED High output chip
Full dimmability
8.9' cord length


2-4 weeks

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