Cartesio Ceramic Extension Table

The elegant Cartesio is an iconic table, featuring a unique metal frame consisting of contrasting V-shaped elements.  For a hypermodern finish, ceramic glass-fused tops are available a range of demure textures or luxurious marble finishes. Pairs or contrasts with Calligaris’ custom matt metal finishes for the base. Choose from wood veneer top options for a more traditional look.


Small rectangular: 63"/78.8"/94.5" W x 35.5" D x 30" H
Large rectangular: 78.8"/98.5"/118.3" W x 39.4" D x 30" H
Small elliptical: 65"/80"/95" W x 39.4" D x 29.6" H
Large elliptical: 78.8"/97.8"/116.6" W x 39.4" D x 29.6" H


Rectangular and elliptical configurations
Matt metal base selections
Ceramic-fused glass top options


Custom (3-4 months)

Starting At