Cime Rug

The new “Cime” carpet collection stems from Saba’s desire to use the material of which a carpet is made of as a canvas to express its values, that is the concept of memory and poetry. The graphics of the three carpets that make up the collection refer to the symbols and colors of the sails that identified fishermen families of the Venetian laguna.

However, what really excites visually and in a tactile form, is the ancient Sardinian technique called Pibiones, handed down by generations of women. These carpets become places for narrating of stories and traditions and are told through a “sheep-dyed” wool thread, in which the voice of nature is the protagonist as these colors are created with no chemical intervention but only by mixing different amounts of the wool from white and black sheep.


SM: 95" x 67"
MD: 118" x 78.5"
LG: 138" x 98.5"


80% wool / 20% cotton
Handwoven in Italy
Finish options in Colors, Natural or Earth Red


Custom (4-5 months)

Starting At