Control Glove Lounge

Control Glove Lounge is the ultimate reclining chair, offering a variety of positions whether you are sitting or lying down. Rest, read or stream – all yours to control! Control is made up of four independent sections, giving the chair a flexible anatomy. Neck and foot support can be modified with two positions while a 3-step backrest can vary the sitting/lying positions. On the back of Control there are two pockets, a perfect place to store your favorite books and iPad. The Control Glove upholstery has been crafted without any stitching across the body of the reclining chair, giving a soothing aesthetic. Three layers of foam fill with various grades of hardness provide the ultimate support and comfort – all topped with a layer of pre-compressed fiberfill guaranteeing years of durable comfort.


Easy chair: 33.5"W x 71.7"D
Back height (3 steps): 17.3"-41.3"
Foot support (2 steps): 9"-16.5"
Seat height 15.3"


Lacquered steel frame with rubber castor wheels
Optional neckroll pillow
Multilayered foam and fiberfill cuhioning
Custom upholstery available
Removable frame cover


Custom (4-5 months)

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