Metis Sofa

Linear and comforting at the same time, Metis Sofa is characterized by elegant and visible metal hinges. Available in black metal or black nickel metal, the hinges connect the various Metis elements to allow for unique setups. Detailed quilting softly sculpts the seats, backrests and armrests. Metis’ name has distant origins: the Greeks indicated Mètis to be a practical intelligence, one that allows for everyday problems to be solved skillfully and in unconventional ways. Just like its namesake, Metis adapts to its environment with grace. Create your own Metis and upholster in Saba’s many fabric or leather options.


Custom dimensions available; please refer to specs


Solid wood frame
Cushion topped with down
Removable cover (fabric)
Custom upholstery
Black or Black Nickel metal finish


Custom (4-5 months)

Starting At