Alphabet Desk

Leaving a mark between two or more people is one of the oldest and most evocative acts of communication. With Alphabet, Saba narrates the modern interpretation of the romantic writing desk – creating a reserved space with a retro flair.  Designed by 967Arch the Alphabet Desk offers a desk with rounded lines, able to glide into the office with personality and lightness. Alphabet’s varnished iron structure unrolls like a ribbon, connecting to a curved top in lacquered wood. An optional “secretaire” drawer completes the furniture while preserving a flavor of the past. The attention to detail and craftsmanship makes Alphabet an essential Saba icon.


45.2"W x 23.6"D x 30.1"H


Lacquered wood finishes
Custom base options
Optional drawer


Custom (4-5 months)

Starting At