Bed & Breakfast Sleeper Sofa

Bed & Breakfast Sleeper Sofa is a classic shape with maximum function. Choose from a double bed or chaise size with this easy-open extension design.  Next-gen materials bring ergonomic support whether sleeping or lounging. Kick back with the Bed & Breakfast oversized cushion –  this accessory may be unbuttoned and unfolded into a small quilt.


Chaiselong as sofa: 41.3"W x 64.9"D x 22.8"H
Chaiselong as bed: 78.8"W x 41.3"D x 14.1"H
Sofa module: 78.7"W x 41.3"D x 22.8"H
Sofa as sleeper: 78.8"W x 55.1"D x 14.1"H
Quilted cushion: 37.7" x 41.3"


Satin-finished aluminum base
Semi-glossed wood extension frame
Polyfoam cushion
Optional goose down cushion
Nonslip hidden feet


4-5 months

Starting At

$4369 / cushion $619