Nivél Floor Lamp + Pedestal

An intersection of functional lighting and furniture, Nivél Floor Lamp + Pedestal by Pablo Studios provides a gathering space. Portable and rechargeable, Nivél brings lights to the coziest nooks and reading spaces. Sturdy enough to rest a few beverages atop, while nimble enough to be raised or lowered at a moment’s notice, Nivél’s tray is fixed around a solid wood post. The tray’s soft ambient downward facing light panel brings an unobtrusive light source to your home or office space. Pair with your choice of podwercoated steel shade colorways, also fixed with a flat panel LED light. Both tray and light module are independently adjustable. Mix and match colors to complement the Nivél post, base and shade to your interiors.


16"diam x 17.5"H
Adjustable lamp height


Flat panel, dimmable LED light
USC charging port
9' cord
Adjustable tray and shade height
Custom finishes available


2-4 weeks

Starting At