Solis Chandelier

In creating Solis, designer Carmine Deganello set out to engage with light in its archetypal form: the sun’s rays. The resulting piece is an engaging blend of light and shadows, casting shimmering rays and radiating patterns onto a space. The effect is a sense of weightlessness — and a redefined environment that invites a new kind of relationship with the light source. A suspension lamp made of lightweight polyester fabric and stainless steel, Solis Pendant may be clustered to create a striking chandelier grouping.


3 or 5 pendant clusters available
24", 48" or 72"H pendants available
26" canopy in white metal


Full range dimability
13' cord
White, black, brown or silver finish
Multicolor combo available
Aluminum fixture
Halogen bulb (LED option available)


2-4 weeks

Starting At