Solis Pendant

In creating Solis, designer Carmine Deganello set out to engage with light in its archetypal form: the sun’s rays. The resulting piece is an engaging blend of light and shadows, casting shimmering rays and radiating patterns onto a space. The effect is a sense of weightlessness — and a redefined environment that invites a new kind of relationship with the light source. A suspension lamp made of lightweight polyester fabric and stainless steel, Solis is offered as a pendant, chandelier or flush light.


SM: 13" diam x 24"H
MED: 13" diam x 48"H
LG: 13" diam x 72"H


Full range dimmability
13' cord
White, black, brown or silver finish
Aluminum fixture
Halogen bulb (LED option available)


2-4 weeks

Starting At

$410 - $610