Domino Clino Bookshelves

Offering a playful touch to the wallspace, the artful Domino Clino shelves resemble dominos stacked next to each other. Clino is Italian for “incline” and offers left or right angled components. Domino Clino shelves are available in a combination of open and closed compartments, so you can choose what to display or tuck away. The shelves are available in different heights, widths, and finishes. The Domino Clino may be hung individually or as a grouping. In keeping with its namesake the full Domino collection by San Giacomo offers many interesting stackable components.


Many configurations and sizes available, please see spec sheet for details


Wood cabinets finished in matte lacquer, metal lacquer or veneered options
Interior compartments finished in matte or metal lacquer


Custom (4-5 months)

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