Lampo Sp60 Media

Named for its sturdy 60mm external panels, the Lampo Sp60 is set apart by its self-supporting structure (which does not require wall-anchoring). Lampo Sp60 is a bench-style media which offers various combinations of wood, lacquers and metals, as well as ceramic front paneling options. Sturdy transparent acrylic bases allow for a feeling of weightlessness when paired with the Lampo’s unique dimensions. The Lampo series also offers optional LED lighting to illuminate your belongings. This modular system may be expanded vertically as well as horizontally to create one-of-a-kind setups.


Many configurations and sizes available, please see spec sheet for details


Matte lacquered base
Floor standing or acrylic legs
Cabinet in melamine, matte or metal lacquer, veneered wood options
Ceramic door option
Drop doors and drawers available
Optional cable management, VESA TV swivel mount


Custom (4-5 months)

Starting At