Incontro Media

The Incontro Media by San Giacomo is a flexible and aesthetic solution for a media center. Incontro offers various components which maybe expanded vertically and horizontally, in addition to floating wall components. A swivel TV mount called VESA may be added to Incontro to enhance flexibility. Incontro offers different depths of front panels, allowing for an eye-catching combination of elements in your choice of many different finish options.


Many configurations and sizes available, please see spec sheet for details


Top and cabinet in melamine, matte lacquer, metal lacquer or veneered wood options
Front panels in melamine, matte or glossy lacquer, veneered wood or metal lacquer
Different depths on front panels
Base in acrylic, metal or hanging options
External backlighting available
Swing door, drop door and drawer options
Swivel mount for TV available


Custom (4-5 months)

Starting At