Sunset Sectonal

One of the most iconic models from the Gamma collection, the Sunset leather sofa creates an inviting, intimate ambiance. This model best represents Gamma’s ability to combine design and practicality, without compromising on handcrafted detailing. Gamma’s unique sartorial style is evident in the the open, edge-to-edge stitching and the perforated leather of the back cushion. With the shifting mechanism fitted in the seat cushion, a distinctive feature of the sofa, Sunset offers a deeper seat and enhanced comfort for those who want to enjoy more spacious shapes and lines. The lightweight base with chrome legs lift the sofa above the floor, adding an airy, elegant appearance to the design.

Sunset is also renowned for its Home Theater configuration; perfect for those with a home viewing room who want to be able to stretch out to watch films.


Custom, 4-5 Months

Starting At

$12 ,972