Sunshine Fixed Table

The Sunshine Fixed Table is designed by Archirivolto in partnership with Calligaris. This table features a pared back silhouette finished in elegant metals and high-end ceramic tops. Match or contrast Sunshine’s base metals in a handful of metallic finishes. Enjoy all the visuals of marble or stone options via the durable characteristics of ceramic with the Sunshine.


Elliptical/Oval/Rectangular SM:
78.7"W x 39.4"D x 29.7"H
Elliptical MD:
98.5"W x 47.3"D x 29.7"H **43.4" depth available
Rectangular MD:
98.5"W x 47.3"D x 29.7"H
Oval MD:
98.5"W x 43.4"D x 29.7"H**43.4" depth available
Elliptical LG:
118.3"W x 47.3"D x 29.7"H


Base finish options in black, bronze, white metals
Ceramic tops in matte, marbled finishes
Glass tops available in select configurations


Custom (3-4 months)
Made to Order (4-5 months)

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